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BEST in CLASS Elementary

BEST in CLASS-Elementary, developed with funding from the Institute of Education Sciences of the United States Department of Education, is a Tier 2 intervention designed to address behavioral needs of children in kindergarten to third grade. BEST in CLASS is a value-added intervention focused on enhancing and supporting teachers’ use of effective instructional practices that can help prevent children’s challenging behaviors in the classroom and support learning. Most teachers already use many of the BEST in CLASS practices in their classes; however, when teachers increase and enhance their use of these practices with children who are at risk for social-emotional learning difficulties, these children gain the social and behavioral skills needed to help them learn.

This project replicates the initial BEST in CLASS study by testing the efficacy of the BEST in CLASS intervention on elementary student outcomes. Teachers will be recruited for participation in Florida and Virginia if they have children in their classrooms who display challenging behavior and are at risk for social-emotional and behavioral learning needs. Researchers will examine the efficacy of BEST in CLASS-Elementary with approximately 192 teachers and 576 students across the four years of the project (2018-2022). Early elementary school teachers who become trained in BEST in CLASS-Elementary are provided a one-day introductory training, followed by 14 weeks of practice-based coaching (Snyder, Hemmeter and Fox, 2015). The coaching component consists of a process in which teachers work one-on-one with a BEST in CLASS coach to set goals, review data (graphical feedback, anecdotal feedback, video feedback), reflect on progress and enhance practices.

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Maureen Conroy