A to Z’s of Early Childhood

The Science of Child Development and Learning

G is for Growth and Development

Research shows that knowing about growth and development helps guide quality early learning experiences. Read below to locate and access resources to help stay informed about developmental milestones and understand how to best support children’s learning and development.

Strategies for Monitoring Children’s Growth and Development

Here are four strategies and tips for monitoring children’s growth and development.

Strategy #1 - Learn about developmental milestones and the age ranges when children typically achieve them.

Strategy #2 - Keep track of children's growth and development.

Strategy #3 - Share successes and concerns about children's growth and development.

  • Write down successes, questions, and concerns about the child’s growth and development.
  • Share successes, questions, and concerns with others who interact regularly with the child, such as early learning and care providers.
  • Schedule and attend routine well-child pediatrician visits to discuss the child’s growth and development.

Strategy #4 - Learn about ways to support children's growth and development.

  • Share ideas with others who interact regularly with the child and ask them to share their ideas about how to support growth and development.
  • Watch examples and read about how to support growth and development in everyday routines.

What We are Doing

The Anita Zucker Center and our collaborators are helping families and practitioners learn how to monitor children’s growth and development and to use strategies that will support children’s learning and development in everyday routines.

Other Resources

Dedicated to supporting the well-being of young children and their families, the Anita Zucker Center has engaged with its partners to launch an ambitious initiative designed to provide accessible and practical information about child development and learning to support parents, caregivers, professionals and policymakers.

The A to Z’s of Early Childhood is a trusted source that offers robust, quality and up-to-date information and resources informed by the science of early childhood development and learning – from short videos and quick tips to academic research and detailed policy briefs.

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