Asha Yadav, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Associate
Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies

Dr. Asha Yadav is Postdoctoral Associate at the Anita Zucker Center of Excellence in Early Childhood Studies at University of Florida, engaged in research projects funded by IES, namely FL-EPIC Goal 3 and Tools for Families. She completed her Ph.D. in Special Education and Clinical Sciences from the University of Oregon in 2023, focusing on Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education (EI/ECSE). Dr. Yadav’s dissertation was titled Part C Early Intervention Referral and Eligibility Determination for Children with Diagnosed Medical Conditions: An Exploratory Study in Two States.

During her Ph.D., Dr. Yadav held positions as a Clinical Supervisor for Early Intervention Practicum Graduate Students and as a research assistant at the University of Oregon. In her research role, she employed cutting-edge technology using Natural Language Processing to study teachers’ language data and provide insight into teacher emotions change in real-time during a school day. She also led a study on EI eligibility in collaboration with the Oregon Department of Education.Before her doctoral journey, Dr. Yadav had an extensive professional history in leadership roles, especially serving children with disabilities. In India, she had overseen the implementation of an EI program across Northern India, while in the UK, she led projects to support families of children with disabilities, managing grants, contracts, and relationship with multiple stakeholders.

In addition to Ph.D., Dr. Yadav’s academic foundation also includes an undergraduate degree from Delhi University, India, and an international graduate degree in Special Education from Roehampton University (UK), Fontys OSO (Netherlands), and Charles University (Czech Republic). Her academic excellence is further underscored by significant scholarships, including the Lokey Doctoral Science Fellowship from the University of Oregon and the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship from the European Union Commission.

Selected Publications

* Master’s, doctoral student, or post-doctoral fellow co-author

Peer-Reviewed Publications and Journal Articles

Batz, R., & Yadav, A. K. (2023). Parents’ experiences navigating early intervention and
early childhood special education services: A Qualitative Metasynthesis. Journal of Early Intervention, 105381512311649.

Asha Yadav


Ph.D. in Special Education and Clinical Sciences, University of Oregon, 2023


Lokey Doctoral Science Fellowships, University of Oregon, 2022