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Florida Embedded Practices and Intervention with Caregivers (FL-EPIC) Early Steps Professional Development (ESPD) focuses on helping caregivers use the 3R’s of Early Learning: Relationships, Repetition, Routines to support infant and toddler development and learning in everyday places, routines and activities.

FL-EPIC ESPD is a collaboration that began in 2017 between the Anita Zucker Center, Florida State University and the Florida Department of Health, Children’s Medical Services and Early Steps program. An important goal of FL-EPIC ESPD is developing a statewide system that includes training, practice-based coaching (Snyder, Hemmeter and Fox, 2015) and tools for early intervention providers across the state of Florida. These activities support early intervention providers to use home visiting practices that help caregivers offer repeated opportunities for their infants and toddlers with vulnerabilities to practice new skills as they interact with familiar people during their everyday routines and activities.

FL-EPIC has three key parts:

  1. S-O-O-P-R Caregiver Coaching Practices - S-O-O-P-R stands for Setting the Stage, Observation, Opportunities to Embed, Problem Solving and Reflection, and Review. These practices are used by early intervention providers during home visits to help build caregivers’ confidence and competence to provide repeated learning opportunities for their children during everyday routines and activities.
  2. 5-Question (5Q) Framework - The 5Q Framework is used to help caregivers plan what skills their child needs to learn, how to help the child practice those skills, when/where/who will help the child during everyday routines, why the skills, strategies and routines are important and how they will know intervention is working?
  3. 5Q Visual Model - The 5Q Visual Model shows how caregivers plan to provide repeated opportunities for their infant or toddler to practice targeted skills within everyday routines and activities using the 5Q Framework.

Research shows FL-EPIC ESPD:

  • Increases early intervention providers’ use of S-O-O-P-R caregiver coaching practices.
  • Increases caregivers’ confidence and capacity to support their children’s development and learning in everyday routines and activities.
  • Increases infants’ and toddlers’ engagement, participation and independence in everyday activities and routines.
  • Helps infants and toddlers learn many different types of new skills as they participate in everyday activities and routines.

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