Please meet our major champions. Their vision and generous support have made them strategic partners in advancing knowledge, policy and practices that make a difference in the lives of young children and their families. We are deeply grateful for their dedication that has helped us to lay a foundation on which to grow.

“Every child needs to have every opportunity,” Zucker says. “Healthy communities have to start with our youngest children.”

Anita Zucker

From the time they were UF freshmen, Anita Zucker and her late husband, Jerry, worked side-by-side completing their education, nurturing a family and building a successful life in Charleston, S.C…

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“I came to understand fully that if you could ever get the early years right, you’d probably have children and then adults with momentum all their lives.”

David Lawrence Jr.

When Lawrence, the former publisher of The Miami Herald, decided to devote his energies to public service full time, early childhood education emerged as an area of pressing need — and vast…

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