Early Childhood Education

Early childhood programs – undergraduate, master’s and doctoral – at the University of Florida prepare students to shape the future by fostering success among young children.

Our faculty prepare practitioners and researchers for the exciting field of early childhood. Designed to meet the needs of traditional students, as well as working professionals, students learn about developmentally appropriate programming and evidence-based practices to support the learning and development of diverse young children and their families.

Make an impact on the future

Early Childhood programs in the UF College of Education prepare students to shape the future by fostering success among young children.

Contact the Early Childhood Education program coordinator for more information.

    Unified Early Childhood ProTeach

    The Unified Early Childhood ProTeach program is an interdisciplinary education program designed to prepare educators to work with all children – including those with disabilities and from diverse backgrounds – from the earliest ages to grade three.

    Completion of the program involves a fifth year of study and culminates in a master’s degree in Early Childhood for those students accepted into the UF Graduate School.

    Early Childhood Master’s Degree

    This program is designed for applicants who hold or are eligible for certification in early childhood, or who have completed substantial coursework in the area of early childhood, e.g. child development, developmental psychology or family studies, and focuses on children from birth through kindergarten. Many applicants who choose this program plan to pursue a future doctorate or to engage in coaching with teachers or parents.