Frank Porter Graham 50th Anniversary TreeFrank Porter Graham Child Development Institute 50th Anniversary
The Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2016. FPG is hosting a two-day symposium on May 24-25, that will focus on the themes of early care and education, race and ethnicity, and disability. The forum provides reflection and discussion on past and current issues relevant for each topic, as well as to project directions for the future. Keynote speakers, presenters, and facilitators represent the most dynamic and respected members of their fields. Participants will consist of additional thought leaders, including researchers, state and federal policymakers, practitioners, and members of the University of North Carolina community.

Wednesday, May 25
Discussion: Children with Disabilities and Their Families

11:00-12:00 Breakout Sessions:

  • Research – Judy Carta & Patricia Snyder
  • Knowledge Utilization – Pam Winton, Christina Kasprzak, & Ann Turnbull
  • Policy – Rud Turnbull & Deborah Ziegler