The UF scholars attended the Conference on Research Innovations in Early Intervention forum held in San Diego Feb. 11-13, 2016, a biennial research conference devoted to early intervention for young children with at risk for disabilities from birth to age 8, their families and the personnel who support them. Anita Zucker Center members and affiliates participated in five panels and 11 posters listed below:

Panel Sessions

  • Conducting Research on Research: Suggestions for Improving Single Case Design Studies
    Erin Barton, Jennifer Ledford, and Kathleen Zimmerman
    FACILITATOR: Brian Reichow
  • Statistical Analysis of Single-Case Design Research in Early Intervention: The Next Generation
    Samuel Odom, Erin Barton, and Brian Reichow
    FACILITATOR: Angel Fettig
  • EmilyLiLuo_poster2

    Emily Li Luo

    Conducting Research Syntheses: How Different Synthesis Initiatives Contribute to Moving Practice Forward
    Carol Trivette, Patricia Snyder, Judy Carta, Brian Reichow, and Mary McLean
    FACILITATOR: Kristen Missall
  • Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs: Implementing RCTs in Authentic Early Childhood Environments
    Maureen Conroy, Kevin Sutherland, Patricia Snyder, and Brian Boyd
    FACILITATOR: Erin Barton
  • Methodology Poster Session: Classroom-Wide Social-Emotional Competence Interventions for Preschool Children:
    A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Emily Li Luo, Brian Reichow, and Patricia Snyder

Poster Presentations

  • Darbianne_poster2

    Darbianne Shannon

    A Systematic Review on the Effects of Professional Development on Teachers’ Implementation of Emergent Literacy Practices and Children’s Emergent Literacy Skills
    Jinhee Hur and Patricia Snyder

  • A Pilot Study of the Coaching Practices Observation Tool
    Darbianne Shannon and Patricia Snyder
  • Comparison of Observational Methods in Relation to the Measurement of Engagement and Challenging Behaviors in Young Children: A Pilot Study
    Jose Martinez, Maureen Conroy, Debra Prykanowski, and Brian Reichow
  • Maureen Conroy and Jose Martinez

    Maureen Conroy and Jose Martinez

    BEST in CLASS: A Preventive Classroom-Based Intervention for Ameliorating Problem Behaviors of Young Children
    Kevin Sutherland, Maureen Conroy, and James Algina
  • Early Intervention in Mathematics: In Search of a Research Design
    Robin Hojnoski, Minyi Dennis, Brittany Kuder, and Joy Polignano
  • Considerations for Observational Measurement of Embedded Practices in Home-Based Early Intervention
    Crystal Bishop, Brian Reichow, and Patricia Snyder
  • Piloting a Parenting Self-Efficacy Measure for Families of Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities
    Helena Mawdsley
  • Turkish Preschool Teachers’ Perceptions and Use of Strategies to Support Young Children’s Social-Emotional Competence
    Serife Rakap, Salih Rakap, and Sinan Kalkan
  • Coaching Practicum Students to Use Embedded Instruction: A Brief Professional Development Study
    Sinan Kalkan, Salih Rakap, and Serife Rakap
  • Teaching Practices to Promote Children’s Learning and Social-Emotional Competence: Researching Against the Grain in New Zealand
    Tara McLaughlin and Karyn Aspden
  • The Measurement and Prediction of Intervention Fidelity for the Advancing Social-Communication and Play (ASAP) Intervention
    Stephanie Reszka, Jessica Amsbary, Linda Watson, and Brian Boyd