Anita Zucker Center faculty, post-doctoral associates and graduate students will participate in the invitation-only Conference on Research Innovations in Early Intervention (CRIEI) next week.

“The purpose of CRIEI is to share current research and identify areas for future research to generate knowledge that will make an impact on young children with vulnerabilities and their families,” said Dr. Brian Reichow and Dr. Crystal Bishop. Reichow and Bishop are on the 2018 CRIEI planning committee. “We are honored to plan for and participate in this prestigious event with colleagues from around the nation.”

Convened in San Diego, Calif. on March 1-3, CRIEI’s research topics will include research methodologies, intervention, assessment, measuring outcomes and other complex child and family variables, service systems, policy, and professional development related to young children who are vulnerable and their families.

Following the opening night methodology poster session, Dr. Patricia Snyder, Center director, will join Dr. Jennifer Greene, University of Illinois, and Dr. Ilene Schwartz, University of Washington, on a discussion panel about the 31 posters.

This multidisciplinary conference was created by researchers for researchers, specifically those who are prominent in early intervention. All attendees are required to present their work.


Crystal Bishop

Maureen Conroy

Herman Knopf

Mary McLean

Brian Reichow

Darbianne Shannon

Patricia Snyder

Brittany Werch



Jamie Aulton

Jennifer Harrington

Ke “Tracy” Huang

JinHee Hur

Yaqin Li

Mackenzie Martin


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