Brianna Karim

Center Staff

Center Staff

Brianna Karim began her work with the Center as a volunteer in 2018 during her freshman year at the University of Florida. She has continued her work with the Center post graduation in 2021. Brianna supports data processing and entry for Florida Embedded Practices and Intervention with Caregivers – Early Steps Professional Development (FL-EPIC ESPD). She also assists with training new members on data processing and entry.

Brianna is interested in childhood development and aspires to become a pediatrician. She will be starting medical school in the Fall 2024 to pursue her M.D.

Selected Publications

* Master’s, doctoral student, or post-doctoral fellow co-author

Karim, B., Jergel, A., Bai, S., Bradley, K., Alvarez, S. J. A., Gilmore, A. K., Greenleaf, M., Kottke, M. J., Parsell, M., Patterson, S., Sotos-Prieto, M., Zeichner, E., & Gooding, H. C. (2023). Abstract P136: Young Women Accept a Developmentally Appropriate Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Tool That Changes Their Perceived Risk of Heart Disease. Circulation, 147(Suppl_1), AP136-AP136.

Kim, K., Jergel, A., Bai, S., Bradley, K., Karim, B., Shah, A., Suglia, S., Ugboh, N., & Gooding, H. C. (2023). Feasibility of recruiting adolescents into a prospective cohort study of the effects of social isolation during COVID-19. Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 9(1), 191. 

Radcliff, E. E., Jergel, A., Karim, B. A., Camacho-Gonzalez, A., & Gooding, H. (2024). 147. HIV in Youth, Prevention in Primary Care Pediatrics (HYPPP) Initiative. Journal of Adolescent Health, 74(3), S78-S79. 

Asha Yadav


B.S. in Pre-Professional Biology
Minor in Sociology, University of Florida, 2021