Alvaro Sanchez

Research Analyst II


Alvaro Sanchez is a Research Analyst II at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, joining the Bank in 2022. Previously, he worked for the Philadelphia Fed on its Economic Growth & Mobility Project strategic initiative. Through his research and policy analysis experiences, he found that the ability to access fast internet through a broadband connection, start a small business, or find a well-paying job are all part of the story for residents of underserved communities to attain economic security. Highlighting disparities by place, race, and income in each of these topical areas promotes mobility for all. He conducts quantitative and qualitative research to provide actionable analysis to Third District stakeholders. Alvaro manages the Regional Economic Growth and Mobility Dashboard as part of his work.

Before his work with the Philadelphia Fed, Alvaro was a public policy fellow in the Office of the Council President with Philadelphia City Council, providing research for city initiatives relating to housing affordability and student debt. He was also a research intern at the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, an early education policy fellow with the Mayor’s Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity, and a public policy and analysis intern with the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia.

Alvaro has an M.S. in social policy from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. in psychology from Temple University.

Patricia Snyder, Ph.D.