Alexandra (Ally) Montesion

Research Coordinator II
Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies


Alexandra joined the Anita Zucker Center in 2018 working on the BEST in CLASS research projects. During this time, she has worked on four BEST in CLASS projects as a coach, data collector, project coordinator and currently as a research coordinator. Alexandra has five consecutive years of research experience working on grants funded through various federal agencies. Prior to her work at the Anita Zucker Center, she focused on adolescent relationships, school safety, and violence prevention. Alexandra’s research interests, which align with the BEST in CLASS framework, involve identifying children at risk for social-emotional learning delays to support these children’s social-emotional learning using effective practices during everyday learning opportunities.

Selected Publications

Conroy, M. A., Sutherland, K. S., Granger, K. L., Feil, E., Marcoulides, K. M., Wright, J., Ramos, M., & Montesion, A. (2022). Effects of BEST in CLASS-Web on teacher outcomes: A preliminary investigation. Journal of Early Intervention.

Conroy, M. A., Sutherland, K. S., Granger, K., Marcolouides, K. M., Huang, K., & Montesion, A. (2021). Preliminary study of the effects of BEST in CLASS-Web on young children’s social-emotional and behavioral outcomes. Journal of Early Intervention.

Granger, K., Conroy, M. A., Sutherland, K. S., Feil, E. G., Wright, J., Montesion, A.,Huang, K. (2021). Adapting an evidence-based early childhood tier 2 social emotional learning intervention for web-based delivery. Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 50(1), 112–133.

Crystal Bishop, Ph.D.


B.S. in Psychology, Cum Laude, University of Florida, 2017