A to Z’s of Early Childhood

The science of child development and learning

In the A to Z’s of Early Childhood, parents, caregivers, practitioners and policy makers can find short videos and quick tips on how to strengthen children’s development through relationships, repetition and routines, all  based on the science of early childhood development and training.

This trusted source offers robust, quality and up-to-date information and resources, including links to academic research and detailed policy briefs. Click on any letter to begin.

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Did you know there are local and national resources to help families locate and access needed early education and care arrangements? Learn More
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Did you know there are strategies for helping young children learn positive behaviors and address challenging behaviors? Learn More
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Did you know there are key “ingredients” that make collaborating for collective impact successful? Learn More
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Did you know there are positive discipline strategies for reducing challenging behavior and building desired behavior? Learn More
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Everyday Learning Opportunities.

Did you know there are strategies for providing learning opportunities to children during everyday routines? Learn More
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Family-Professional Partnerships

Did you know there are strategies for building strong family-professional partnerships? Learn More
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Growth and Development.

Did you know that monitoring a child’s growth and development leads to more quality learning experiences? Learn More
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Home Visiting.

Did you know that home visits promote positive outcomes for young children and their families? Learn More
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Did you know embedded instruction helps all children participate in early learning? Learn More
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Did you know justice in early childhood relies on developmental equality and dignity? Learn More
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Kindergarten Readiness.

Did you know there are strategies for creating a “ready” school? Learn More
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Did you know there are strategies for building language through everyday interactions? Learn More
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Medical Home.

Did you know there are strategies for developing coordinated, accessible health care for young children? Learn More
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Did you know there are strategies for interacting with newborns that support brain development? Learn More
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Obesity Prevention.

Did you know there are feeding strategies that can reduce risk of early childhood obesity? Learn More
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