Project Overview

Measuring and Mapping Child Care Access in Alabama

This project supports Dr. Alison Hooper from the University of Alabama (UA) in her efforts to address the research needs of the Alabama Department of Human Resources (ALDHR) related to understanding child care access in the state. This work will result in an exploratory examination of child care access using state administrative data, which can be used to make data-informed decisions to address child care access needs across Alabama, particularly for children and families eligible for child care subsidy.

Dr. Knopf and his research team are supporting UA researchers in developing protocols and systems for the receipt, curation and analysis of statewide administrative data. The UF team is also helping identify the adequacy of data sources used to conduct analyses. The data collected through this study will assist UA researchers in conducting analyses that describe child care access across Alabama with a specific focus on families who use the state’s child care subsidy program.

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Herman Knopf