• Infographic displaying that The Anita Zucker center has partnerships in 19 states
  • Infographic displaying that The Anita Zucker center has ongoing research in 13 countries

Our work at the center is conducted in partnership with local, state, national and global stakeholders. Through our partnerships and transdisciplinary research, context-relevant solutions emerge and evidence-informed practices are implemented in authentic settings.


Our interdisciplinary center is building connections through its members and affiliates who bring expertise from colleges, centers and institutes across the University of Florida.

Community PARTNERS

We work together in partnership with our stakeholders and with many agencies in communities locally — and across the state to ensure young children and families succeed.


We collaborate with our colleagues from leading institutions across the United States to address significant issues related to research, policy and practice in early childhood.


Through our partnerships with organizations and institutions across the globe, we are addressing universal issues in early childhood health, development and learning.